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(Finally) Checking Piper’s Privilege: Counter-Hegemonic Media Interpretations of Piper Chapman in Season Four

While much of mainstream media has uncritically praised Orange Is the New Black as an unfailingly socially-conscious series that “addresses all the right issues” (Johnson, 2016), it does not take much more than reading a few posts on this blog to see that media commentary on the show is often lacking nuance. However, it is... Continue Reading →

Pregnant in Prison; Reproductive Rights of the Incarcerated

  In the search to find content on media representations of Daya's experience of being pregnant and giving birth in prison, I came across a slight problem that made it difficult to analyze the popular media coverage on the representation of reproductive rights in the prison industrial complex (let's call that a PIC). These were... Continue Reading →

Media Interpretations of “Diversity” in Faith and Race: Does the Inclusion of Alison Abdullah Actually Constitute a Meaningful Recognition of Difference?

Since its first season, Orange Is the New Black has invested in exploring the ways in which a diversity of spiritual and religious belief systems function within the prison industrial complex. In its third season, the show introduced the character of Alison Abdullah (Amanda Stephen), a Black Muslim inmate, and mainstream media outlets were quick... Continue Reading →

From “Abominable” to “Adorable”: Deconstructing the Media’s Inconsistent Coverage of Sexual Assault in Orange is the New Black

TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of sexual assault. A significant number of the storylines featured in Orange is the New Black have focused on the politics of developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships within the confines of the prison industrial complex, often presenting its audience with unconventional and complicated forms of intimacy that are not often dealt with... Continue Reading →

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